10 Tricks Customers Hate and 10 Treats They Love

Halloween is a great time of year. The kids get excited to dress up and go trick or treating. I don’t know about you, but I don’t ever remember knocking on a door and saying “trick or treat” only to be told “trick.”

Fortunately, this makes for an enjoyable Halloween for the kids. So what does Halloween have to do with your business? Well, your customers are like those trick or treating kids (minus the costumes).

Is your business giving tricks or treats to your customers?

10 Tricks Your Customers Hate

Here are some tricks you should avoid giving customers:

  1. Shrink your products’ packaging while raising prices
  2. Hide behind a phone tree
  3. Fight with customers
  4. Stick it to your customers
  5. Sell a shoddy product
  6. Tell your customers they are wrong
  7. Provide inconsistent information to customers
  8. Stand around idle while your customers wait
  9. Let your website throw confusing errors at customers
  10. Treat current customers as second class citizens to “new” customers

10 Treats Your Customers Love

Here are some treats your customers will love to get:

  1. Show the Customer some empathy
  2. Share a deal or discount with customers
  3. Do something for customers instead of just telling them what to do
  4. Do more than the customer expects
  5. Be proactive in your customer service
  6. Make a personal connection with your customer
  7. Remind customers of the benefits you’ve provided
  8. Reassure customers when big changes are happening
  9. Respect your customers’ time
  10. Explain the details to your customers

Regardless of the time of year, customers love to get treats and hate being tricked.

You want your customers to return to do business with you again. If you consistently provide the sweet treats they love, they will come knocking again and again.

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    “When you’ve made a mistake, admit it quickly and emphatically.” –Dale Carnegie

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