3 Ways You Can Make Your Boring Product Fascinating for Customers

Even boring products and services can sell well when customers have a need for the product or service. However, how do you transform sales speak or websites to attract more customers and to make your naturally lackluster product or service more exciting? The best way to make dull products more fascinating is to create excitement for the product or service. This blog post will discuss three ways you can transform your sales speak and websites to be more compelling, even if your product is extremely boring.

1. Identify Your Audience

Your product or service probably has a target audience. Even if your target audience is extremely wide, you can choose language and images that will fascinate anyone who may be interested in what you are selling. The best way to create a website with audience-friendly language is to identify the audience you are trying to attract. For instance, if your target audience is 25-40 year-old men, you could use manly language. However, if your audience is older women in the 45-60 year-old age bracket, you will want to use softer, easier to understand language.

Identifying your target buying audience is also a significant indicator as to the types of colors and images you should include on your product or service website as well. Include subtopics and categories such as blogs and photo galleries to keep customers on your website. The longer an intended audience member stays on your site, the greater the chances are that they will become fascinated with your product or service, and eventually contact you regarding a purchase or sale.

2. Use a Marketing Hook

An easy way to wow your audience and create product fascination is to use a marketing hook. This can be done easily by mentioning a current event in relationship to your product. For instance, the end of 2012 was associated with predictions of an upcoming doomsday. If you are selling a boring product like flashlights or batteries, you can mention how your product would be perfect in an emergency situation.

3. Offer a Solution

When someone is looking for a product or service, they are looking for something to fill a need, solve a problem or are simply looking for something to entertain themselves. While it is essential to be honest about your product or service limitations, you also want to mention other creative ways your product or service can be used or enjoyed. Offering potential customers many different purposes for your product will create a fascination that will ultimately lead to customers buying your products.

Every product has the potential to sell. However, the most valuable thing business owners and website designers should understand to be successful is that you have to connect with your target audience. Once you have connected and fascinated your target audience, you can work to build a relationship with that customer. Happy customers often share their opinions with everyone they know, and they may even brag about their experience on a social media site, so it is vital to create exciting and fascinating marketing material for even the most boring products and services that you offer.

About the Author
Guy Asher is a marketing consultant with a penchant for website marketing. He enjoys sharing his insights on various blogs.

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