About ReturnCustomer.com

One day I thought: what if I took my experiences as a customer, analyzed them, extracted solid principles of business and marketing, and applied them to my business? I’d be more successful! Thus ReturnCustomer.com was born in April 2005.

Who is Joe?

Joe RawlinsonMy name is Joe Rawlinson. I’m a small business owner, entrepreneur, author, and eCommerce expert. I’ve worked in the eCommerce industry since 2000 in both the B2C and B2B markets.

On the home front, I’m married to a beautiful wife and we have four children: two boys and twin girls. Yes, being a father of twins is an adventure! In addition to writing a book for fathers of twins, I run Twin T-Shirt Company.

I also run FamilySays.com, a private family blog service, and a freelance web development business called Texadero. I also maintain a site dedicated to the beautiful country of Chile.

What it Means to You

Read the articles and study the examples I present here at Return Customer and ask yourself how they apply to your business. If you take a new look at your daily experiences and apply the lessons learned, you’ll be awash in return customers.


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