Business Best Practices

How you should run your business to get the most out of each interaction with customers and drive your business forward.

Is your value proposition this strong?

Every company, including your company, needs a strong value proposition. At the core, the value proposition is why a customer should do business with you and not somebody else. If you don't have this differentiation, your business is doomed to struggle or die. Take a look at this email I … [Read more...]

How to Properly Celebrate Your Customer’s Birthday

I recently had a birthday and was surprised to see my email inbox flooded with birthday greetings from companies I've done business with. The problem was that many of these emails were a total waste of time. Are you sending useless birthday emails to your customers? Let's find out. I got … [Read more...]

4 Things Business Managers Need to do After a Data Breach

It's the nightmare scenario no business manager wants to experience: admitting your company has been the target of a data breach. Unfortunately, it is a situation many businesses may have to deal with at some point. The Identity Fraud Report published by the strategy and research company Javeline … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Keep Customers Happy and Coming Back

Happy customers tend to be return customers, and it takes more than a good product or sale to keep them happy. You’ll make customers happiest by paying attention to their entire customer experience and ensuring they encounter no hassles or hurdles along the way. You can do this with a few strategies … [Read more...]

Reward Your Customers and Grow This Year

The repeat customer is the lifeblood to a great many businesses. Before making marketing decisions, it is important to consider that it typically costs at least five times more to acquire a new customer than it does to cater to one you already have. Current customers also spend nearly 70% more on … [Read more...]