How to Communicate with Customers

Effective communications with customers are key to long-term relationships and your company's success.

How to Improve Response Rate When Conducting a Survey

Surveys are a powerful tool that have been used for decades by businesses eager to “get inside the heads” of their clients and stay competitive in an increasingly dog-ear-dog business environment. These days, with the world a quicker and smaller place than ever due to the advent and proliferation of … [Read more...]

How to Turn an Objection into an Opportunity

Objections are an inevitable part of a sales cycle. Sometimes they are just an excuse, other times they are totally justified - but if you aren’t familiar with the basic techniques to overcome objections you could well be missing out on potentially lucrative sales opportunities. The key is to … [Read more...]

Using Brutal Honesty to Keep Customers Coming Back

What is the best definition of customer service? While managers may disagree about the semantics, it basically boils down to this: Good customer service means doing everything you can to give your customer what he or she wants, and if that simply isn't possible, doing everything you can to find a … [Read more...]

Cold Calling: Not For Everyone

One of the oldest customer service and sales techniques is definitely not for everyone. For a customer-minded employee, cold calling may seem abrasive, rude, and ineffective. Even if it's not your cup of tea, you can succeed when cold calling is required if you apply a few tips that make the … [Read more...]

The Best Questions to Ask While Doing a Survey

Marketing surveys serve multiple purposes. They are a way of connecting with existing customers and receiving their valuable feedback. Surveys are a way of building stronger customer ties, and they are also a way of potentially attracting new customers. Recent innovations in survey techniques … [Read more...]