How to Communicate with Customers

Effective communications with customers are key to long-term relationships and your company's success.

Explain the Hidden Surprises to Customers

Do you like surprises? What about your customers? It is a great thing to pleasantly surprise your customers. However, if you know they are going to run into trouble or have an unexpected and unpleasant surprise, you need to step in there and make sure they aren't caught off guard. The … [Read more...]

How to Improve Response Rate When Conducting a Survey

Surveys are a powerful tool that have been used for decades by businesses eager to “get inside the heads” of their clients and stay competitive in an increasingly dog-ear-dog business environment. These days, with the world a quicker and smaller place than ever due to the advent and proliferation of … [Read more...]

How to Turn an Objection into an Opportunity

Objections are an inevitable part of a sales cycle. Sometimes they are just an excuse, other times they are totally justified - but if you aren’t familiar with the basic techniques to overcome objections you could well be missing out on potentially lucrative sales opportunities. The key is to … [Read more...]

Using Brutal Honesty to Keep Customers Coming Back

What is the best definition of customer service? While managers may disagree about the semantics, it basically boils down to this: Good customer service means doing everything you can to give your customer what he or she wants, and if that simply isn't possible, doing everything you can to find a … [Read more...]

Cold Calling: Not For Everyone

One of the oldest customer service and sales techniques is definitely not for everyone. For a customer-minded employee, cold calling may seem abrasive, rude, and ineffective. Even if it's not your cup of tea, you can succeed when cold calling is required if you apply a few tips that make the … [Read more...]