Customer Service

Great customer service is the foundation upon which all successful companies are built. Here's how to improve your customer service and amaze your customers:

Do your customers get what they pay for?

Your customers give you money in exchange for the value your product or service provides. Are you sure they are getting that value? Failure to get the value from your offering isn't necessarily a failure on the customer's part. It is your failure. Several months ago, we ordered a pre-paid … [Read more...]

Ensure Success Before the Upsell

We recently bought a used car for our family. It had built-in satellite radio. This intrigued us as we haven't had a car with this feature before. I was excited to try out the new satellite service and see it was something we'd like to enjoy. The radio company sent us paperwork in the mail … [Read more...]

Setting Proper Delivery and Shipping Expectations

My son recently ordered a game from Amazon. He was so excited to get this game that he paid extra money for next day delivery. Imagine how excited he was to go to bed knowing that the next day his cherished game would arrive. Think back in your experiences. You've anxiously awaited a special … [Read more...]

Routing Customers for the Best Outcomes

Your customers think they know who to talk to at your company to get their problem solved. The trouble is that your customers are wrong. Their assumptions are incorrect. Or you've changed since the last time they came to visit. It is your job to make sure you route your customers to the … [Read more...]

Do Your Employees Need A Customer Care Management Degree?

Navigating today's consumer marketplace is rather like walking a tightrope on a windy day. Fierce competition, rapidly changing technologies, and a customer base that is exposed to an omnipresent barrage of marketing campaigns are making it increasingly difficult to stay the course. Your customers … [Read more...]