Customer Service

Great customer service is the foundation upon which all successful companies are built. Here's how to improve your customer service and amaze your customers:

What Millennials Expect from Online Customer Service

Millennials are estimated to have a combined purchasing power of $2.45 trillion globally this year. It is only fair that they expect retailers to try and understand what they want. Millennials spend a great part of their time on the internet, not just to learn, communicate and organise their … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Approach Unhappy Clients on Social Media

Managing a brand on social media, marketers should remember that every criticism offers an opportunity for growth and improvement. Remember the famous story of the pizza chain Domino's, which enjoyed one of the largest quarterly store sale jumps ever by actively responding to customer negative … [Read more...]

Do your customers get what they pay for?

Your customers give you money in exchange for the value your product or service provides. Are you sure they are getting that value? Failure to get the value from your offering isn't necessarily a failure on the customer's part. It is your failure. Several months ago, we ordered a pre-paid … [Read more...]

Ensure Success Before the Upsell

We recently bought a used car for our family. It had built-in satellite radio. This intrigued us as we haven't had a car with this feature before. I was excited to try out the new satellite service and see it was something we'd like to enjoy. The radio company sent us paperwork in the mail … [Read more...]