Customer Service

Great customer service is the foundation upon which all successful companies are built. Here's how to improve your customer service and amaze your customers:

Routing Customers for the Best Outcomes

Your customers think they know who to talk to at your company to get their problem solved. The trouble is that your customers are wrong. Their assumptions are incorrect. Or you've changed since the last time they came to visit. It is your job to make sure you route your customers to the … [Read more...]

Do Your Employees Need A Customer Care Management Degree?

Navigating today's consumer marketplace is rather like walking a tightrope on a windy day. Fierce competition, rapidly changing technologies, and a customer base that is exposed to an omnipresent barrage of marketing campaigns are making it increasingly difficult to stay the course. Your customers … [Read more...]

What’s Your Customer Loyalty IQ?

For business owners, the pot of gold at the end of the sales rainbow is repeat customers. Loyal customers who buy from you and only you are more important than virtually anything else your business has worked so hard to achieve. They not only boost sales, but lend immense credibility to your company … [Read more...]

6 Questions To Ask Call Center Candidates

Hiring the right talent for a call center can sometimes feel like a thankless job. While call center work requires a unique and specific set of skills, getting candidates who will stick around can be a challenge. According to a study by Cornell University, the average call center sees about 33 … [Read more...]