eCommerce Tips

Improve your website and conversion rates with these ecommerce tips and examples from other successful sites.

93% of Customers Prefer Free Shipping over Discounts

Wouldn't you like something for nothing? I know I do. I wondered how others felt so I put together a quick, informal survey to see what patterns emerged in people's buying habits. Survey Results I asked 247 people this question: Which do you think is the better deal assuming all of … [Read more...]

Keeping Connected With Your e-Commerce Customers

For many, operating an e-commerce website is easier than in-person sales as it removes the personal element from the interactions. It is easy to ship a product and then forget the individual on the other end. However, this practice could hurt future sales in ways you haven't realized. Keeping … [Read more...]

The Importance of Web Self-Service

It is not practical for businesses to scale their number of employees to service a growing number of customers. You must enable customers to solve their own problems at the time and place that is most convenient to them. See the graphic below for interesting data out of the UK about the … [Read more...]