Marketing Tips

Use these marketing tips and tricks to better position and sell your products and services to customers:

How to Attract New Customers (Even on a Limited Budget)

How do you balance a limited marketing budget while still attracting new customers? Is this even possible? Ideally, you'd crack the code and be able to put a $1 into your marketing machine and get more than that dollar out in profit from sales. However, when you're just getting started and … [Read more...]

Creating An Effective Call To Action

Let's shoot from the hip here: if any part of your job or business uses the Internet for marketing purposes and you don't include a Call To Action (or CTA for short), then you're wasting your time online. You can create the pithiest tweet, the most compelling blog post, the most awesome article, but … [Read more...]

5 Tips To Consider When Using Nostalgia To Market Your Brand

Nostalgia marketing has taken its hold as a rather effective marketing approach within advertising – particularly in recent years as the craze for things that are ‘retro’, ‘quaint’ or ‘old-school’ continues to grow. What Is Nostalgia Marketing? Nostalgic marketing is the use of old, familiar … [Read more...]

Do You Have a Customer Incentive Budget? Why You Should

If you don't have a budget set up for customer incentives or loyalty programs, now is the time to start planning. It's no longer enough to provide competitive prices and exceptional customer service. Consumers are looking for companies to recognize their loyalty and provide extra value that adds to … [Read more...]