Customer Service Tips For When You’re Busy

Last Christmas, our family got a Honey Baked Ham. I went to pick up the meat on Christmas Eve. Surely, this was one of the store’s busiest days of the year. Nevertheless, we

This store taught several customer service tips for when you’re busy. Take a close look at the signs on their front door:

Honey Baked Ham Store Signs

Please note that signs alone aren’t enough to create a great customer service experience. However, pay attention to the principles behind these signs and how they can apply to your business.

Set Expectations

One sign on the door read:

We do not have a public bathroom during the holiday season

If you have loyal customers that are used to certain things, policies, features, or amenities, you’ll need to let them know when things are different. Changes are common, especially when you are busy. So communicating what is different will help avoid customer disappointment.

Prioritize Your Business

The biggest sign on the door read:

To uphold excellent customer service, we will not make sandwiches today

While this store serves sandwiches for lunch and dinner on a daily basis, this sign proclaimed a different policy for this day. Why? Because selling big hams and turkeys is more profitable than sandwiches.

There are times when your business is busy. You’ll have a hard time keeping up with all the customers and orders. During these times, it is fine to prioritize your business. Choose the most profitable business, the products that are easiest to sell, or those which are in highest demand. Remember it is fine to adapt to the current situation.

Explain Why to Customers

A final note on the door read:

Please keep door closed so A/C will work properly

First, we must be in Texas if there is a sign about A/C in the middle of winter. However, that aside, this sign helps explain two things: what the customer should do and, more importantly, why.

When you explain the rationale, the “why” behind something, it is easier for your customers to understand and agree with what is happening.

Review these customer service tips and see what would best help your customers when you are busy. It is during those busy times that you most need to treat your customers well.

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