Three Benefits Digital Kiosks Offer Customers

Touch screen kiosks are improving the profitability of businesses in a plethora of industries ranging from hospitality to travel and every sector in between. Some of the most successful companies in the world are integrating these digital appliances into their sales processes, and as a result are reaping benefits like decreased employee dependency, enhanced customer support capabilities, and the ability to offer more competitive pricing due to lower operating costs.

In addition to the advantages that business owners and store administrators enjoy, Protouch, UK kiosk manufacturer and distributor, points out that kiosks offer three key benefits to consumers as well:

Simplified Store Navigation

With the assistance of a centrally located touch screen kiosk, customers no longer have to spend an enormous amount of time and effort searching for specific products. Instead, they can utilise an easily navigable digital catalogue within a user-friendly interface that provides access to advanced search and organisational features.

The software that consumers interact with can be completely customised, and even the checkout process can be integrated and streamlined, so customers could even purchase items from within the interface and then collect them in a checkout area.

Easy Access to Information

Instead of having to search for a store employee in order to ask a simple question, customers can refer to a FAQ (frequently asked questions) section of the kiosk interface. Likewise, they can conduct quick product comparisons and make more informed purchases by reviewing item descriptions.

Interactive Assistance

If a customer is unable to find the answers to their questions independently, they can use the digital kiosk to discuss the issue with a remote customer service agent through an interactive chat module. Although there are a number of different kiosks to choose from, any kind can be equipped with a custom interface that includes integrated chat capabilities.

Being able to quickly find and purchase products without having to browse around the store is an ability that inevitably results in higher customer satisfaction rates. Thus, digital kiosks are mutually beneficial to both consumers and companies.

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Content provided by Protouch, Europe’s number one manufacturer and distributor of digital touch screen kiosks. There are a number of different kiosks out there, speak to Protouch to find the right one for you.

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