Happy 5th Birthday Return Customer!

Return Customer turns 5 years old this week! Thanks for reading this year and for your support.

Now that I’ve hit the 5 year mark, I need your help. What do you like most about Return Customer? What would you like to see? Why do you read Return Customer? Please take a moment to leave a comment and let me know.

I always find it interesting to review the data on how people find their way to Return Customer. Here are this past year’s highlights:

Top 5 Most Read Posts

These posts were the most visited this past year:

  1. Why Customers Hate Convenience Fees for Credit Card Transactions
  2. Four Customer Expectations
  3. 5 Ways to Better Treat Your Customers
  4. How to Convince Customers to Buy Today
  5. Do not respond to this email!

Top 5 Referrers

These great sites have sent more people to Return Customer than any other non-search site over the past year:

  1. 9rules
  2. Aweber blog
  3. Alltop’s Customer Service Directory
  4. Get Satisfaction Blog
  5. Service Untitled

Top 5 Searches

The following searches (linked to their respective posts) brought the most people to this site last year:

  1. convenience fee
  2. customer expectations
  3. how to treat customers
  4. returning customer
  5. proactive customer service

If you have any comments on things you like or that could be improved with Return Customer, please leave a comment, send me an email, or follow me on Twitter.

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  • http://www.allbusiness.com/sales/customer-service/10783-1.html Glenn

    Congratulations, Joe. We both started blogging about customer service the same month although I discontinued my first blog when I moved to my second.

    It’s a pleasure reading your posts.

    Here’s to many more…


  • http://www.returncustomer.com Joe Rawlinson

    @Glenn – Thanks for your comments. Happy 5th year to you too!