What Every Business Ought to Know about Communicating with Customers

Your customers don’t always like to hear from you. They do, however, expect timely and meaningful communication when it relates to the product or service they purchased.

On a recent business trip, I arranged an airport shuttle to take me to my hotel.

The company confirmed my phone reservation with an email detailing my reservation. This immediately confirmed that all the information I had communicated on the phone was accurately received.

When your customers give you information about their order, they want to be reassured that you actually understood what they wanted. Confirm back to the customer what they requested either in person or via a written or electronic means.

When I arrived at the airport, I called the shuttle company and they gave me verbal directions of the exact place I needed to go to get my ride – even down to the type of vehicle and the driver’s name and appearance.

There was no ambiguity or confusion because the company was clear and detailed in their communication.

After my ride was over, I got an email receipt from the company showing both my fare and the tip I gave the driver.

The company had anticipated that I might need to file an expense report with my employer for the trip. They were right. Now I had the documentation I needed to get reimbursed.

Your customers are expecting timely and relevant communication from you at every step of the purchase cycle.

Are you anticipating customer needs and communicating the information at just the right time?

When you deliver the right information at just the right moment, your customers will know you care about them.

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  • http://www.oshplumbersandelectricians.co.uk Orli OSH

    We deal with customers all day every day as plumbers. We do exactly what you suggest, and in writing so there’s no confusion about exactly what we’re doing and why. Trust me this comes in handy half way through a £5000 kitchen refit.

    • http://www.returncustomer.com Joe Rawlinson

      @Orli – putting the customer’s expectations in writing is a great way to make sure you are both thinking and talking about the same thing. As you noted, this is very useful when we do something for customers that is difficult to reverse or undo (like a kitchen refit).